After completing primary school by the age of 10, Pamellah dropped out of school. Now she is 39 and has four children. Pamellah hopes that her children will have the opportunity to have a different life than her.

Pamellah joined Momentum in 2014 and works hard to become a good farmer. To Pamellah, a good farmer is someone who has enough food to properly take care of the family as well as securing that the children of the family are all in school.

Besides maintaining the farm she also works part time as a community health worker in Siaya. She dreams of starting her own liquid soap business: “Having the skill to make something, like liquid soap, can mean an income and employment for my family”, Pamellah says.

As a mother of four, with one of her children paralyzed by epilepsy attack, Pamellah has a lot of responsibilities.

However, with the training and planning skills she has been provided by the Momentum loan packages, she feels confident about her farming and expects to prosper in nearest future . Besides form starting up her own liquid soap business, she also plans to expand her farming activities to keep poultry. She hopes that these initiatives will enable her to build a stable house for her family.