William began to farm when he was 12 years old. After completing secondary school he was taught the traditional farming skills by his grandmother. Farming has always been a natural part of William’s life and he has never had the desire to leave his area of origin to do to something ells.

Before William became a Momentum farmer, he farmed after the skills taught by his grandmother and he considered it a success if he could harvest one bag of maize, equivalent to 90 kilos, each season. However, by his first season as a Momentum farmer William harvested as much as 405 kilos of maize.

The key to his success, William believes, is knowledge. With the right farming techniques, training and inputs, he has boosted his farming output significantly. With this positive impact he wants to expand and become a proper farmer. To William a proper farmer means someone who not only grows crops, but also keeps cattle and poultry.

William is keeping the Momentum business training in mind and the future is looking bright.He plans to acquire the necessary knowledge on poultry keeping and to plan his farm well to make it easier to manage.

Today William is 62 and has five grown son. With inspiration from his father, one of William’s sons is now saving to buy his own land and become a Momentum farmer himself.