On Thursday, Momentum Business & Development signed up its first farmer groups! We got a total of 6 groups with a mix of farmers and youth. All groups still have to add a second person from their homestead and some still need to pay the first membership installment fee. Deadline for registration is this coming Thursday, which means that in just two days we will know exactly who we will be working with for the first planting season starting in February 2014!

It is so exciting seeing people’s enthusiasm! When we arrived at the meeting, there were no more than 25 people, and after waiting for an hour, the group had only grown to about 45 participants. That unnerved me! But we went ahead with our presentation, answered all the questions people asked the week before and also took new questions. After that was when it happened – suddenly people started gathering in small groups, money was changing hands and there was a lot of talking. After a little while people came up to us with lists of people in their groups, their contact information and the first membership fee installment. If that isn’t being proactive and being willing, I don’t know what is!

So, with this amazing start, it is no wonder that I am feeling positive. We have been met with open arms everywhere we go – from government, to local businessmen and farmers. I think the reason is because we have taken the time to meet, talk and listen to people. We have also come with an open mind and with a notion of learning from the people who know the best – the locals. It has been and still is a tremendous learning experience for and my team, and I can’t wait to start the farming and business training in late November and get to know our groups better!