It was about time, and now it finally happened – the Momentum Blog.

We have wanted a Momentum Blog for so long, and the time has finally come. The purpose of this blog is to keep you all posted about our work in Africa. There are so many things happening here both for Momentum Trust and Momentum business and development that it is hard sometimes to keep track of what is going on. This blog will definitely make it easier for us all to tell you about our ups and downs. It is also very crucial to us to be 100% transparent and this blog will help us achieve that.

This week we have welcomed another Danish colleague here in Kenya. Her name is Lisa, and you can also follow her time here on this blog as she will post her thoughts and experiences.

Remember that you can also subscribe to this blog. In that way, you ensure that you get notifications whenever there is a new blog post here. If you only wish to follow only one of our bloggers, then that is also possible.

Some of our Momentum Trust followers may wonder why this blog is in English only. This is simply because it makes it much easier for us to include everyone. We have a lot of followers here in Kenya as well. If we were to translate everything, it would take double the time.

I would like to encuorage you all to give us feedback whenever you think of something. Because in my opinion, the best way of improving our work is through YOUR feedback. So please do not hesitate. You are also welcome to suggest certain topics that we should write about because in the end it is you who read.

Please enjoy 🙂

By Mia Schomaker-Hoff