So finally we managed to launch our blog which has been on the way for some time. Due to our intensive work load in Kenya it has not been possible to launch before now. But hey – better late than never. So now you can frequently read about our work and also look at some interesting pictures from the field.

The updates on the blog will mostly be written by Mia Schomacker-Hoff, Momentum Trust’s Co-Founder and Operation s Manager, Lisa Werk Nielsen, Momentum Business & Development’s Area Manager in Uhuru, Siaya, and Me, Christian Hoff, Momentum Founder and Managing Director.

The purpose of the blog is first of all to communicate to our friends, partners, and other users about our work in Kenya and Uganda. Both in terms of our current projects but also projects in the pipeline, our different partnerships, and objectives for the future. The updates will be centered on the work of Momentum Trust and our branch in Kenya, Momentum Business & Development.

Momentum Business & Development (MBD) is the Kenyan branch to Momentum Trust and the purpose of MBD is twofold;

1. To ensure transparency with our projects on Momentum Trust website.
2. Agribusiness and Food Security. Our focus is agribusiness projects and to empower local farmers in the western part of Kenya, mainly Siaya, through business skill training and access to essential inputs.

Thus we have included two agriculture educated people to help us achieve our goals. Basically our team in Siaya mobilizes farmers in groups from 6-10 people. Then we give farmers business skills training and mentorship on how to improve the land they have available. Next we provide the farmers with credit in the sense of seeds and fertilizers which are to be repaid after the harvest season. Basically this approach is our focus because in Western Kenya there is a lot of fertile land but the farmers do not know how to use it efficiently. The farmers do not have access to quality seeds and fertilizers which can improve their production with more than 100 %. It simply makes no sense to have so much fertile land and not use it properly. Food security is an imperative issue in our global economy and our work will not only make our farmers food secure but also make it possible for them to grow more food to be sold in local markets and also foreign markets.

I am looking forward to giving you a lot of information and pictures concerning our work and progress in the time to come.

Stay in touch with us and please give your comments on whatever issues you might have.
From Kenya

By Christian Høegh-Guldberg Hoff