Your help counts!

Help us raise money to mobilize more farmers for the next big rain season in March. You can support our farmers by donating through Momentum Trust. Donations will be used to purchase high quality seeds and fertilizer.

Crop yield improvement requires seeds that are more resistant to disease, drought, and flooding as well as proper soil fertility management. Unfortunately, improved inputs are beyond the means of peasant smallholder farmers. Low crop yield means meager income, thus keeping them in an agricultural poverty trap.

Each farmer gets quality seeds and a kilo of quality fertilizer for approximately 300 DKK. In other words, a donation of 300 DKK will help us mobilize one farmer.

How to donate

Send us a small donation via our Mobile Pay number: 50517889

Or you can transfer money via your bank account using the following information:

Andelskassen Oikos 9860 – Account no. 8920009949

If you wish to donate a large sum of money, for example as a company investment, you are welcome to contact us at

You can also use PayPal by clicking on the button below.