About Momentum

Poverty Reduction

Momentum provides a simple and profitable strategi for poverty reduction in Africa. Because we believe in the farmers and in food, we provide training and education in modern agriculture technologies for a sustainable exploitation of the earth.

Food and Profit

Momentum’s work is manifested in food and profit for the farmers. Only through food can the farmers and their families survive, and through the profit from selling their crops can the farmers invest in their future.

Change the livelyhood!

In short, we wish to change the livelihoods for farmers, beginning with food, through profitable and sustainable agricultural projects.
At the moment, our primary focus is on Kenya, where we are collaborating with approx. 730 small-scale farmers. As an NGO, we work to change and challenge the traditional way of doing development work. We are not a charity and that is why we believe and work through an empowerment perspective to offer help to self-help to the small-scale farmers in Kenya. 
We are passionated about our efforts and have dedicated ourselves fully, to the expansion and impact of our agricultural initiative with a business twist.

Creating change that matters!

We know that we cannot change all peoples’ lives, neither is it our focus. However, we do want to help creating a lasting change for the people that we can reach! In cooperation with African small-scale farmers, our vision is to establish profitable and sustainable agricultural projects,through business strategies.

Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity for farmers to become food-secure, self-reliant and to increase their yield to a level, where they can make a profit out of it. In this way, we believe that we can alleviate poverty and hunger and improve the farmers’ livelihoods. We believe, that in time we are able to create change and development for and with small scale-farmers across the African continent, through our business approach.